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Deport Me To The Fiery Deeps

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The Devil Makes Three is one if those "if you've heard 'em you love 'em" type bands. Half the time I mention this band, I get a "Who?" or I end up starting a never ending conversation. DM3 sounds like an awesome bluegrass record you would pick up at secondhand shop...can you get any more badass than that?

The live shows are definitely a site to be seen. My first live Devil Makes Three show left me wanting more even after an hour and a half set. I realized that there style of music was what was missing from my life. How the hell was punky bluegrass something that had slipped under my radar?

Since their first visit to Fresno, The Devil Makes Three has grown a local fan base that has grown due to their live presence and word of mouth. The Devil Makes Three will be making a stop at Audie's Olympics (formerly Club Fred) on March 12th. This tour will take them all over the West Coast (including a stop at the much talked about SXSW festival.) 

Joining DM3 at Audie's will be Cosmic Hayride (of Sanger) and Gardening Not Architecture. This is sure to be one interesting show with this eclectic line up. Get on the bandwagon before everyone else beats you too it. This is going to be one killer show. 

So remember:

March 12th @ Audie's Olympic
1426 N. Van Ness
Fresno, CA


No basket for my eggs...

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Mark David Ashworth. Where to even begin? You know, I don't even know that I need to begin. It's midnight and my alarm is set for 7:30 a.m. Perhaps, for once, the music shall do all the talking.

Mark David Ashworth : Eggs

It's seems like such a long time ago that Michael and I sat... all day... listening to this album. Unemployment has it's perks.

The weird thing, though, is that Michael and I were totally in love with him... and then Michael moved to SF and MDA moved to SF and then MDA needed some photos and Michael knows a little bit about that, so Michael said "Hey, MDA! I'll take some photos, for you!" and MDA said "ok!" and now they're friends, kinda... and I'm still in Fresno. Good story, right?

Right, well...

Visit his site for loads more good stuff. If you look, you'll even find a nice video for this song. Plus, you'll get a small glimpse at just how quirky and lovable the mind of a starving artist can be. Read, read, read...

Of real importance, right now, is the fact that he's been invited to SXSW. Kudos to him... he certainly works hard for it. Once again, if you happen to live in the Austin area or feel inclined to travel there, during SXSW, do take an extra moment or two to hear him perform. He's got another show with some label mates, on the 21st. More info, after the jump:

OKMT (an awesome little gallery, in Austin)

That's that. He's working on a new album... set to drop, this summer. More on that when it happens, I guess. Oh, and that little dog in the photo is one of my best friends.


photo cred: Michael Kohr

Let me tell you... I love Dark Meat. Both at xmas and on my stereo. I love them, for many reasons... but mostly I love them for the simple fact that I love time travel.

Now, I've never actually traveled through time and space... wait, yes I have... space, not time... no, I don't know what you're talking about.

At any rate, you neeeeed to listen to this shit, man. Do it. It'll put you in the center of a hippy war protest... or maybe a rally for civil rights... or Woodstock '69. Wherever your Delorean may take you, it'll have been well worth the trip. Mine just spit me out into the middle of an evangelical movement. The start of something long and winded. Damn charismatics.

Get 'em at Sound n Vision. MARCH 25th @ CELLAR DOOR!!! Show starts @ 9:30 p.m.



It's true! Singer/songwriter extraordinaire, David Bazan (formerly of Pedro the Lion and Headphones), has booked a national tour consisting entirely of house shows and little ol' me got picked to host one of the few California dates available. As you can imagine, I'm pumped. A ginormous thank you to Johnny @ Love, the Captive for making this one happen!

If you don't know who David Bazan is, shame on you.


Tickets go on sale, tomorrow @ 3 p.m. That's Thursday, folks. They are a modest $20 and you can get them from this website. However, there are only 10 (out of 35) available, at this point. I dunno where the rest went, but that's really neither here nor there. Get to your computer at 3 p.m. or go without, I guess. No tickets will be sold at the door. They were very explicit about that. Sorry.

That's that... short and sweet. The show is set for March 18th and we're all beyond excited to experience such an honor. It should be a memorable night. Look for a follow-up post, with plenty of pictures. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run around, giggling like a school-girl.



SXSW '09 welcomes Fresno!

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That's right. This year, Fresno is heading to Austin.

Just a quick note to say congrats and good luck to a couple of Fresno's finest, as they prepare for their departure to this year's South by Southwest Music and Media Conference. With a collective 15 years experience in the local scene, it's about time that the world pay them some attention. Hop on over to their 'spaces and be friends, eh?

The Sleepover Disaster

Rademacher : Believer
The Sleepover Disaster : Funnel Cloud

If you live near Austin and happen to be reading, you should check out their scheduled times for SXSW. They're actually playing the same show, I think. Add that shit to yo' calendar!


It's my duty...

12:55 AM 1 peeps cover the fast and the ferocious.

First off, there is something going on in Fresno. It's not going on at The Exit, Kuppajoe, or even The Starline. It is all going down at the CYC. The Chinatown Youth Center opened up only a few months ago, but is quickly generating buzz with kids all over California. I must admit that, at first, the location and size of the place had me worried. However, I believe these attribute to the amazing energy that's within those four walls on a regular basis.

It's location in the heart of Chinatown set it up to be one of Fresno's best kept secrets. Those willing to venture to the last few shows were treated with not only a unique but also an out of the ordinary experience. Over 100 kids at an underground indie/punk show in Fresno??? Unheard of!!! This is not the product of clever promoting or exceptional venue planning. This is the product of bored youth looking for a breath of fresh air.

This Saturday, Groundskeeper (featuring Jordan Sobolew of Occam's Razor) will be playing at the CYC with up-and-coming locals Racelegs, Everything All The Time, The Fay Wrays, and Touch Football. That's not it, folks. You get a discount if you bring a mix CD/tape to trade with someone...making this Mixtape Party #1!!! $5 with a tape/CD and $7 if you don't want to have any fun whatsoever. This will be a great opportunity to check out the spot if you have not done so yet.

So, remember:

Mixtape Party #1

Everything All The Time
Fay Wrays
Touch Football

$5 with a mixtape
$7 for the party poopers

901 F Street
Fresno, CA

Whats Up?.....You Tell Me.

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This 3 piece hailing out of Portland has created a hype that, in my opinion, is beyond what most groups can accomplish in being an instrumental group for such a very short time. They have the boom, they have the melody and for some odd reason their tunes make you feel like you're shopping for babies at a grocery store. They're also all over the place right now.

What's Up? with members Robert C. Moncrieff, Brian Marshall and Edward S. Briggs (ex-Boss The Big Bit) are making their rounds through California, hittin up SXSW, taking some time to play a couple of shows with THE Marnie Stern and then calling it a day. Sounds like another day in the office, eh? Well, whatever type of day you call it, make it a point to clear some time in your day to check out a couple a tracks from these boys by checking their myspace (Whats Up?). What's Up? will be playing in Visalia, Ca. with Marnie Stern @ The Cellar Door on March 26th. The show is being held by the well known Aaron Gomes with Sound N' Vision and shall be a show well worth whatever it is you pay for it.

You hungry? Well then heres a taste of What's Up? You can't have all the sugar, save some for mama.

What's Up : Harper's

No Fuckin Around...

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That's right... and no autotune, either. Oh, wait... autotune is alright?

Right now, I'm totally ok with that. Because Rafter Roberts just got into my pants and left a big sweaty mess, behind. It's like the first time I heard Hot Chip, but without the hype. Nobody called me up or came back from Coachella, ordering me to love him or else... I just heard this song and had to laugh. With all the ridiculous trends currently emerging in the mainstream, it's completely refreshing to find an artist who sees these things and just... gets it. He gets that there are certain things that any self-respecting indie rocker just shouldn't do. He gets it... but he doesn't care. Think what you like, autotune is fucking hilarious... and Rafter knows it. And so do I.

How do I know I know? Because Sound n Vision says so. These days, they're filling the valley up with so much good noise that it's hard not to notice. For those of you who haven't, please take a trip to their myspace and check out the calendar. Also, bookmark this page, as we'll be delivering all the news we possibly can, on nearly every decent artist that happens to wander through these woods.

Show starts @ 9:30 p.m. Don't miss it!

Also... Check out his bio, on Asthmatic Kitty. It's enlightening. While he's got about 10 tracks that you can download, directly from the sidebar, I just had to post one more. It's beyond great.



Sin Fang Bous

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In the mood for some wonderfully upbeat music magic? Something new from Iceland is coming, and it's being brought by Seabear's frontman Sindri Mar Sigfusson, called Sin Fang Bous and can really put a smile on your face. I haven't instantly fallen in love with something this good in a while. There is something to be said about the playful and simply lyrics and how the vocals instantly become another part of the instrumentation to the song (and when you do that on two vocal tracks to help build up the song even more?) Plus you have to love all the little sounds and noises that are added in many songs just for you're listening pleasure. This is also a great album for folk fans, and Sindri does a great job of mixing up folk with mellow electronic tempos.

This album has been out since December 5th, so if you get a chance head out and pick it up. In the meantime here is the video for one of their songs.

It's directed by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir, who also did the video for Mum's "They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Exploded":

I read somewhere, that there are moments in which you just know. Like this one... I know I'm going to love Efterklang. I don't know how... I just know it.

I discovered them, tonight, while making the rounds on Sound n Vision. Thanks to the wonders of no-speed internet, I was only able to hear the first 10 seconds of their single, "Mirador," before that creepy little comcast tortoise showed up to warn me of the evil that is broadband. I spent the next half hour, muttering sweet nothings to the screen, in an attempt to coax my connection out of hiding. Thankfully, my roommate also owns a computer and I can, at last, get on with my affairs. Specifically, the hot and sweaty one I'm having with these Danes, right now.

Efterklang is one of a kind, man. One part high school march, one part ramblin' folk legend, one part lonely robot slave, I think. Those first few moments were more than enough to catch my attention, but the rest of the track has been on repeat, all night. I don't even know where the song goes... it just kinda weaves in and out... much the same I. That's what they call "meant to be."

Bla, bla, bla... the point is that they're on their way down into the valley and you really don't want to miss a second of their presence. Do you?

Mark your calendars, kids:

More info after the jump.



p.s. The video is something altogether separate. A testament to the alleged "genius" of artist, Nan Na Hvass, this piece will take you places. It feels something akin to playing video games... then doing drugs and playing them some more... then doing so many drugs that you cease to play the games and, instead, find yourself within them. Every nerd's fantasy.



Speak up, you Mumler!

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I'm drifting off to sleep, and my good dreams will be thanks to The Mumlers. Their eerie harmonies may as well be some siren's lullaby... because I'm hooked. This song reminds me that I'm going to die, someday. In a good way.

Anyway... they'll be in town, this coming Thursday, on a pit stop from their tour with The Submarines. If you're 21+, come on down to Tokyo and show some love. The usual suspects will be around, as well. We all know Rademacher, of course... but some may have yet to hear the sparkling sensation that is Racelegs. No doubt... they're a local trio of trouble. Check it.