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I read somewhere, that there are moments in which you just know. Like this one... I know I'm going to love Efterklang. I don't know how... I just know it.

I discovered them, tonight, while making the rounds on Sound n Vision. Thanks to the wonders of no-speed internet, I was only able to hear the first 10 seconds of their single, "Mirador," before that creepy little comcast tortoise showed up to warn me of the evil that is broadband. I spent the next half hour, muttering sweet nothings to the screen, in an attempt to coax my connection out of hiding. Thankfully, my roommate also owns a computer and I can, at last, get on with my affairs. Specifically, the hot and sweaty one I'm having with these Danes, right now.

Efterklang is one of a kind, man. One part high school march, one part ramblin' folk legend, one part lonely robot slave, I think. Those first few moments were more than enough to catch my attention, but the rest of the track has been on repeat, all night. I don't even know where the song goes... it just kinda weaves in and out... much the same I. That's what they call "meant to be."

Bla, bla, bla... the point is that they're on their way down into the valley and you really don't want to miss a second of their presence. Do you?

Mark your calendars, kids:

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p.s. The video is something altogether separate. A testament to the alleged "genius" of artist, Nan Na Hvass, this piece will take you places. It feels something akin to playing video games... then doing drugs and playing them some more... then doing so many drugs that you cease to play the games and, instead, find yourself within them. Every nerd's fantasy.



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