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I can make it make sense...

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Rebels of the frontier, defenders of the real!

Alright, it's been a few days... won't happen again, I swear.

So, gang... what are you psyched about? I'll tell you what I'm psyched about. I'm psyched about Marnie Stern. Super psyched. This girl is a ball of fire, man. And her excitement is majorly contagious. I don't think majorly is a word but, dammit, I'm excited. Should I just make up a word, then? I should, shouldn't I? Hmmm... lemme think.

Ok, got it.

Franticulous! Franticulous? I dunno... maybe not. But she's definitely full of it and I'll just have to keep listening until it all makes sense, I guess. What's her deal? Where is she going, with all this? Am I just supposed to jump around and make noise, with her? Is that enough, or is there more to it?

Whatever the case may be, I'm having fun, so let's leave it at that. You'll have fun, too... if you check out this song and then check out her show, in two weeks. The cover's only $5! We'll get psyched out of our minds, together!



Sholi Moli

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Let me just start off by saying that the first time seeing Sholi play live left me completely speechless. I was lucky enough to catch one of my favorite bands playing at The Uptown (Oakland, Ca) only to be pleasantly suprised by one of the opening acts that night, Sholi.

Now, when i attempt to describe a band, I always end up fucking it up. So heres what im gonna do. I'm gonna throw out some words that come to mind when i think of listening to the band goes: melodic, tumultuos, peaceful, pretty, free jazz, avant-garde, mysterious. what you can do is click on the links or video i leave you with at the end of this blog. Draw your own conclusions.

The band Sholi has been on quite a journey, starting as a Davis/Sacramento based band, now Bay Area residents. Within that time they've put out a few releases such as a 7" with the Dead Science, another 7" "Hejrat" (which was a cover originally done by a popular 1970's Iranian pop singer, Googoosh), and on to their most recent release which is their debut self-titled album, produced by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof. Thats not all, they were also added to the Quarterstick/Touch and Go roster and with their recently released album, the Sholi trio will also be making their rounds through SXSW and then onto a not so far US/Europe Tour.

For anyone not familiar with the "A Take Away Show" videos, they're videos of bands you may be familiar with (Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, to name a few) performing songs in different enviroments (outside, elevators, alleys). Sholi took part in this. Check it out.