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No basket for my eggs...

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Mark David Ashworth. Where to even begin? You know, I don't even know that I need to begin. It's midnight and my alarm is set for 7:30 a.m. Perhaps, for once, the music shall do all the talking.

Mark David Ashworth : Eggs

It's seems like such a long time ago that Michael and I sat... all day... listening to this album. Unemployment has it's perks.

The weird thing, though, is that Michael and I were totally in love with him... and then Michael moved to SF and MDA moved to SF and then MDA needed some photos and Michael knows a little bit about that, so Michael said "Hey, MDA! I'll take some photos, for you!" and MDA said "ok!" and now they're friends, kinda... and I'm still in Fresno. Good story, right?

Right, well...

Visit his site for loads more good stuff. If you look, you'll even find a nice video for this song. Plus, you'll get a small glimpse at just how quirky and lovable the mind of a starving artist can be. Read, read, read...

Of real importance, right now, is the fact that he's been invited to SXSW. Kudos to him... he certainly works hard for it. Once again, if you happen to live in the Austin area or feel inclined to travel there, during SXSW, do take an extra moment or two to hear him perform. He's got another show with some label mates, on the 21st. More info, after the jump:

OKMT (an awesome little gallery, in Austin)

That's that. He's working on a new album... set to drop, this summer. More on that when it happens, I guess. Oh, and that little dog in the photo is one of my best friends.


photo cred: Michael Kohr

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