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12:55 AM 1 peeps cover the fast and the ferocious.

First off, there is something going on in Fresno. It's not going on at The Exit, Kuppajoe, or even The Starline. It is all going down at the CYC. The Chinatown Youth Center opened up only a few months ago, but is quickly generating buzz with kids all over California. I must admit that, at first, the location and size of the place had me worried. However, I believe these attribute to the amazing energy that's within those four walls on a regular basis.

It's location in the heart of Chinatown set it up to be one of Fresno's best kept secrets. Those willing to venture to the last few shows were treated with not only a unique but also an out of the ordinary experience. Over 100 kids at an underground indie/punk show in Fresno??? Unheard of!!! This is not the product of clever promoting or exceptional venue planning. This is the product of bored youth looking for a breath of fresh air.

This Saturday, Groundskeeper (featuring Jordan Sobolew of Occam's Razor) will be playing at the CYC with up-and-coming locals Racelegs, Everything All The Time, The Fay Wrays, and Touch Football. That's not it, folks. You get a discount if you bring a mix CD/tape to trade with someone...making this Mixtape Party #1!!! $5 with a tape/CD and $7 if you don't want to have any fun whatsoever. This will be a great opportunity to check out the spot if you have not done so yet.

So, remember:

Mixtape Party #1

Everything All The Time
Fay Wrays
Touch Football

$5 with a mixtape
$7 for the party poopers

901 F Street
Fresno, CA

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  1. Jon On March 4, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    Man, that place sounds so rad. I wish I didn't have to close, otherwise I'd be there. The lineup looks solid, though I'm curious to hear what Touch Football sounds like. I'm interested. ???????