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What kind of Snake?

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Haunting minimalist duo, Boomsnake, are on tour and rockin' Fresno, again. Last time they dropped in, we felt something. We felt feelings that should be felt about stuff that makes you feel. They make me feel. Huzzah for feelings.


Don't waste your Friday night! Head over to Palomino's @ 9 pm and get your Boom on. Cover's only $2. Also, deejay JohhnyQ will be in the house, so betta bring yo dancin shoes.

No mp3, today... just hop on over to their MySpace and take a listen. My personal favs are 'Excuses' and 'Busy' but they're all good, really.

edit: 'Busy' isn't on their MySpace. This video will do.

Can you feel it?


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