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(note: this is really a two parter...)

Ok, so... I love Arcade Fire. I love them... want to marry them... have a million babies with them.

That said, you can imagine the eargasm I'm having over this trailer. How is it possible that so many good things can happen, all at once? Whoever is making all the decisions, here, is really just making my heart beat faster. Yeah... I'm excited.

Just watch.

I hadn't actually heard this version of 'Wake Up', before today, but it's great. The Fire, themselves, have confirmed it's existence as being specifically for the trailer. This begs the question: are there any others? Let's just keep our fingers crossed, on that one. Because this was just such a perfect choice for the trailer and I believe it's really gonna help get some people pumped about going to see it, in theaters. I hope it does well, man... I really do.

When I get home, tonight, we'll talk more about the musical direction this film has taken and the goosebumps it's been giving me. Until then, keep watching.


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