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Nooo tuuurning baaaaack...

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You are getting sleepy... veeery sleeeeepy. That... or you're craving a night in, watching reruns of The Hoff and Kitt, as they rip another bad guy a new one. Either way, you're here and that's what matters. Welcome to the Infant Islands.

The purpose of our little operation is simple. Too many good tunes... not enough hours in the day. On a broad scope, we're just here to keep you updated on the goings on, in the underground. Indie rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, dance... even hardcore... it's all good. And it's all here. Bookmark our page and tune in, daily, for a solid dose of dank. That's right... it may as well be.

To our local readers:

On the more focused end of our endeavor lies our not-so-hidden agenda. Support your local music scene. For us, very little is of more importance, right now. Fresno kids know... things are pickin' up... and, from now on, Infant Islands is the place to hear it first!

Don't be distracted by The Hoff, kids... always do the right thing.


Here's a new track from Pheonix. It's the first single from their upcoming May '09 release, entitled Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix. We dare you not dance.

Pheonix : 1901


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